Stirlitz Media – fast and flexible software solutions for broadcasters, satellite platforms, government agencies, media monitoring companies.

  • Logger

    TV & radio after-broadcast/compliance logging software that is different from other solutions, it is friendly for non-tech users and engineers alike. SML is software running on a standard Windows server (local or in the cloud), ideal for capturing single or multiple channels off MPEG TS over IP. It’s scalable, affordable, easy to use and most of all, rock solid.

  • IP Multiviewer

    A modern, light and fast software solution to display any number of channels in a mosaic on one or multiple screens. Runs on a standard Windows workstation or server with NVIDIA GPU, supports any MPEG-TS source, supports 4K/UHD and offers visual alarms & statistics.

  • TS Monitor & IP Multiviewer Enterprise

    A software based solution to monitor all vital parameters of any number of MPEG TS feeds, from quality of delivery, through all elements of the stream, up to quality of metadata delivery – like subtitles or SCTE35.

  • Podcaster

    Fully automated exports from SML logs. Multiple scripts per source, scripts are based on time, embedded or ingested metadata and events.

  • Inspector

    Detect content in recorded media based on audio fingerprinting.

  • Custom-built solutions

    All Stirlitz Media software is developed in-house, by a dedicated team with deep knowledge of broadcast IP, focusing on MPEG-TS. Having complete control over how IP data is processed within our systems, we can include support for custom data and workflows and can therefore develop solutions that exactly meet your requirements.

Stirlitz Media software – sample broadcasting project

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