Stirlitz Media Inspector
AMF Engine

Stirlitz Media Inspector (SMI), is the first application of the advanced, in-house developed, finger printing technique ‘AMF – Advanced Media Fingerprinting‘. The AMF module enables Stirlitz Media Inspector to analyse competing stations playlists for radio and music TV stations, track song rotations for music companies and ad rotations for agencies.

The AMF module can be applied to other technologies and is available for customised applications.

Thanks to the advanced features of AMF it can ‘detect’ media-bits as short as 0.5 seconds. Fingerprints are taken from multiple places in the media file, so partial plays are detected as well, and reported as partial plays. AMF can monitor hundreds of media streams simultaneously, making results available instantaneously. Add a new media file and AMF searches the archives for past occurrences.

Sample applications of AMF are author and neighbouring rights control on audio-visual media, detection of song or other copyrighted music in commercials, controlling of advertisement rotations on analogue and digital, radio, TV and even the Internet.

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