IP Multiviewer Enterprise
Single screen reporting for IPMV Enterprise installations
TS Monitor: Advanced monitoring for MPEG-TS in IP Multiviewer
HLS Monitor: Advanced monitoring for HLS in IP Multiviewer

IP Multiviewer Enterprise is a software based MCR offering comprehensive live monitoring for satellite, cable, terrestrial and OTT. It enables broadcasters and operators to create a software based Master Control Room running on Windows OS servers - standalone or virtualized.

It can display and monitor all vital parameters of any number of MPEG-TS (SPTS/MPTS) and OTT feeds, from quality of delivery, through all elements of the stream, up to quality of metadata delivery – like subtitles or SCTE35.

Includes a single screen interface for the NOC operator providing alarms from all sources - local and in remote locations.

The TS Monitor and HLS Monitor modules add advanced monitoring for DVB broadcast, including TR 101 290 checks; and advanced monitoring for all HLS profiles


Main features Stirlitz Media IP Multiviewer Enterprise

  • Single NOC operator interface - listing all active and recent alarms from IPMV with audible and visual alarms and video preview
  • Support for thousands of streams within a single system
  • Audible (including text-to-speech) and visual signaling
  • Flexible alarms – sent through visual alerts, audible alerts (including text-to-speech), SNMP, e-mail, SQL, logs and to the central management console
  • Web API with access to all current and recent alarms
  • SQL database with archive of all events, and Web interface to browse and export events history
  • Video: freeze, black/blue detection; decoding errors
  • Audio: levels below/above configured (weighted sum or selected tracks only); 2.0/5.1 mismatch, decoding errors
  • TS Monitor
    • full DVB streams support (SPTS and MPTS)
    • all parameters specified in TR 101 290 levels 1 and 2 (optional level 3) - TS Monitor
    • MPEG-TS structure
    • delivery, packet loss, delay, invalid or corrupted packets
    • metadata delivery – including DVB subtitles and SCTE35
  • HLS Monitor
    • playlist verification for all profiles
    • audio and video verification for all profiles
    • including segments structure, timecodes and codecs
    • delivery verification and logging of all events

IP Multiviewer Enterprise - project description for DVB Satellite Platform

  • Satellite TV platform broadcasts 200 TV feeds ranging from HD H.264 through UHD H.265, through DVB satellite distribution and through OTT platform. Satellite down feeds are received, descrambled and delivered as MPEG-TS UDP/RTP through a dedicated LAN to Windows OS Workstations with NVIDIA GPUs running Stirlitz Media IP Multiviewer software (IPMV). OTT feeds (HLS and DASH) are captured directly through a separate network.
  • IPMV monitors the content and visualizes the live feeds together with audio meters, embedded metadata (incl. subtitles and SCTE35), statistics and monitoring alarms displayed in mosaics. Outputs are displayed on physical UHD screens in the Control Center (NOC) and on full quality virtual screens - available for remote access from authorized users - on desktop or mobile. Each authorized user can select any screen and hear the audio of any configured feed - independently of what other people hear.
  • Basic monitoring included in any IPMV installation includes video freeze, black/blue detection, audio levels below/above configured; 2.0/5.1 mismatch and decoding errors. Alarms are configured per input and visualized on the mosaic screens. Any configured alarm can also generate audible event ((including text-to-speech), SNMP trap, e-mail and be stored in logs and in the central database.
  • IPMV Enterprise layer adds comprehensive monitoring of the DVB streams (SPTS and MPTS) - including DVB TR 101 290. It analyzes MPEG-TS structure, delivery, packet loss, delay, invalid or corrupted packets as well as metadata delivery including (missing) DVB subtitles and SCTE35. The HLS monitoring module includes playlist verification for all profiles, audio and video verification for all profiles including segments structure, timecodes and codecs; it verifies delivery and logs all events.
  • IPMV Enterprise also adds a single NOC operator interface - dedicated application running locally or remotely. It will receive all alarms from local and remote IPMV instances and will display all active and recent alarms together with video preview. Here alarms will remain visible until the operator manually acknowledges them. Audible alarms (text-to-speech and signal) keep operators alert.

The Stirlitz Media monitoring software suite includes:

  • Logger: capture, store and access multiple video, audio and metadata sources
  • IP Multiviewer: display one to many video sources in mosaics on one or more screens
  • IPMV Enterprise: software based MCR offering comprehensive live monitoring for satellite, cable, terrestrial and OTT