Stirlitz Media Podcaster

Podcasts… consider it done!

The Stirlitz Media Podcaster (SMP) add-on allows you to create repeating exports of video and audio from your Stirlitz Media Logger. SMP operates in a fully automated mode and can generate multiple Podcasts per source, selecting the media based on time, information from embedded ‶playing now” metadata, your play-out software ‶as-run logs” or GPI events.

Stirlitz Media Podcaster of course automatically generates the html/xml files with meta-data and uploads the files to other network shares or FTP servers.

If, for some reason, Stirlitz Media Podcaster fails to export, compile or upload the Podcasts, you will automatically receive a warning by email and/or SMS!

Stirlitz Media Podcaster features:

  • automatic export of video and/or audio from SML archives.
  • export scheduler (for example: export automatically all media from 7am to 8am, every workday, from station X on server Y)
  • export video/audio range based on time, available metadata and events
  • export news, traffic, weather reports, minutes after airing, regardless of when they start and how long they last
  • automatic generation of html/xml files
  • automatic upload of media/html/xml to network share/ftp server
  • support for multiple servers
  • support for servers in multiple time zones
  • reports/alarms

Have a look at some sample SMP scripts.