Stirlitz Media – solutions for media regulators

Absolute control, immediate access & zero chance for manipulation

The Stirlitz Media Logger is the ideal logging system for regulating bodies that have to check whether licensed stations abide by the rules.

In most countries radio and tv stations are obliged to keep their broadcast program available to the regulator for several months. But with Stirlitz Media Logger, regulating bodies don’t have to rely on the stations… or give them the opportunity to manipulate the logged broadcasts. The regulator simply records all radio and TV stations themselves and can access these archives within seconds, wherever they are.

So when somebody files a complaint, before contacting the station and asking them to supply the ‘official log’, you can just select that station in the SML Player, drag the timeline to the month, day and time of the incident, and watch/listen to program yourself first.

Imagine the amount of time and paperwork you save in the event the complaint turns out to be a joke!

Soon we will introduce ‶key-word tracking” (enter a word in the system and the system will report it every time it is used on air), facial detection (how often and how long is politician X on screen compared to politician Y) and logo tracking (detect product placements).

We’ll gladly demonstrate the possibilities of Stirlitz Media Logger. Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Greg Posiadlo
President – Stirlitz Media (