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With Stirlitz Media Inspector, sales directors know who is spending money on the competition.
Compare ad rotations on multiple stations

Compare ad rotations on multiple stations

Using the SMI web interface it only takes a few clicks to get detailed reports about the number of plays of advertisements on your main competitors.

The advanced reports even show you the rotation schedules and compare them for several stations.

When you run SMI not only on your competition, but also on your own station you can use SMI to prove your clients you delivered the exposure they ordered… based on actual airplay reports, not on scheduled plays.

Statistics of most popular plays

And as you can access these data from wherever you have access to Internet, you can do this right in your clients office, or monitor your own ads and those that run on your competition from your luxury hotel room in Toscane!

Check out all the advanced features of Stirlitz Media Inspector . Have a look at the 3 minute seminar below and contact us for a demonstration.

Stirlitz Media Inspector puts YOU in control…