Stirlitz Media – solutions for radio

Your competition has nowhere to hide…

With Stirlitz Media Inspector you know what music and advertisements your competitors are playing, how they rotate them, which ones have been added yesterday or played out most often.

Using the advanced Stirlitz Media Inspector web interface, combined with the Stirlitz Media Player, you can analyze advanced reports and listen to the audio at the same time… wherever you are and soon on your PDA or Java enabled cellphone as well!

Stirlitz Media Inspector will pick up all plays of a song, even short partial plays. And when you’re only interested in (near-) full plays, just set the ‘partial plays filter’ on for example 50%. SMI will filter out all occurances of identified audio, shorter than 50% of the original audio.

Does your competitor speed-up songs, or do they use remixed versions of tracks? Don’t worry. You can load multiple versions of one track and link them to the same ‘artist – title’… or not, whatever you prefer!

Does your competitor add new songs faster than you do, or does their playlist substantially differ from yours? Don’t worry. Thanks to the ‘auto-search module‘ Stirlitz Media Inspector automatically identifies multiple occasions of the same audio… and that must be new additions to the playlist, jingles or advertisements. Allocating the right metadata to the audio is a breeze and SMI will automatically update the logs.

Want to know the 10 most played songs… or the top 50, 100 or for example 300? Or maybe you want to narrow this down per day-part? Exclude weekends? Over last week, or the last year? SMI will prepare all these data for you in on-screen reports and excel files.

And best of all, SMI does this:

  • when you need it, not when a monitoring company has time for you
  • wherever you are, not only when you are in your office
  • at no extra charge, so no surcharges because you want to know in detail what your competition is doing

Stirlitz Media Inspector delivers what you need… so:

  • When you come up with a report we did not include in SMI’s standard reports… we’ll create it for you.
  • Have a look at the 10 minute demo on the advanced features of both SML and SMI
  • Contact us for a personal demonstration