Stirlitz Media Inspector

Detecting TV output based on the picture will be introduced in phases, starting early 2019:

  • Confirm audio-based detections by comparing video-frames
    When SMIaudio reports a detection, SMIvideo will doublecheck if this detection is indeed the same as the original media by comparing individual video frames. This will filter out false detections of music, spots etc.
  • detect static frames
    When SMIaudio detects silence, individual video frames will be compared to your database, allowing detection of silent advertisements, billboards etc.
  • detect advertisements based on video
    This will allow to report exact start & end time (frame by frame) of the detected advertisements
  • Logo-Tracer
    Detect product placements based on logos, trade-marks etc. Click here for more.
  • Facial detection
    detect where, when and for how long certain people were visible on-screen
  • Optical Character Recognition
    report which texts have been visible on-screen

If you want to know more about SMIvideo, contact us!