MPEG-TS Monitor
Software based QoS/QC monitoring for MPEG-TS

Stirlitz Media MPEG-TS Monitor is a software based solution to monitor any number of MPEG-TS feeds. Stand-alone it allows for live monitoring of all vital parameters of MPEG-TS, from quality of delivery, through all elements of the stream, up to quality of metadata delivery – like subtitles or SCTE35.

Combined with the Stirlitz Media Logger and Stirlitz Media IP Multiviewer it allows broadcasters, satellite platforms and cable TV operators to create a custom-built master control room based on generic servers running Windows OS.


Main features Stirlitz Media MPEG-TS Monitor

  • Comprehensive MPEG-TS monitoring, standalone or integrated into SML or IP Multiviewer
  • Full DVB streams support
  • Monitoring of all parameters specified in TR 101 290 with 3 levels of errors priority
  • Monitoring of metadata delivery – including DVB subtitles and SCTE35
  • Stream statistics
  • Frame freeze/black detection (when used with IP Multiviewer or SML)
  • Media delay/loss check
  • Video and audio decoding control (when used with IP Multiviewer or SML)
  • Optional development of additional features based on client requirements
  • Error and statistics logging to central database
  • Integrated reporting
  • Flexible alarms – sent through visual alerts (when used with IP Multiviewer), SNMP, e-mail, central management console

The Stirlitz Media monitoring software suite includes:

  • Logger: capture, store and access multiple video, audio and metadata sources
  • IP Multiviewer: display one to many video sources in mosaics on one or more screens
  • MPEG-TS Monitor: full stream analysis, reporting, error and statistics logging, flexible alarms